-Vilka vi är-

Hanna Lienhart

Founder / Selling Manager / Art Consult


Patrik Lienhart

Founder / Artist / Photographer


Pippi Maxe

Journalist (photographer)


-Vår historia-

The Swedish family company P&P Photo Stockholm,

The artist/photographer Patrik Lienhart has been photographing for many years and started creating and producing photo art a couple of years ago.
The artworks are based on how he has felt and also looks at environments
architecture in its own way. Artwork is well thought out and nothing is left to chance, but carefully selected to get the design concept just right by interacting with the rest of the interior.

To achieve this knowledge in unique photo art, the artist has a lot of experience, knowledge and courage.
Building this family business with solid / design smart choice is to decorate homes to another level and environments with stylish art in exclusivity. That's what Patrik Lienhart and his family say.

It reflects him not only creating unique works, it is important to have a whole.
Once the design is created, it is printed on a medium weight paper with a threaded feel.
The design must be framed after the printing process and the paper cannot yield, grain-like color that cannot be touched. This process and material gives a matte surface and has an experience that the photographic art becomes like a painting.
The artworks are signed on site by the artist and put into editions that are carefully set up.
Framing with glass by established frame makers in Stockholm with a frame of Swedish pine.

The art is available: website and gallery.



Art is complex and an investment.
We help you find the right art for the home/environment.
We are more than happy to answer questions and are always available to satisfy you with more art to enjoy in conjunction with interior design.